Smart, stylish exercise gear


By: Luke Manderfeld/Iowa State Daily

Diny Patterson leads a zumba dance group and a few fans through a routine at the Iowa Games opening ceremonies on July 17. 

Mariah Wellman

Getting motivated to exercise can be a challenge with a college student’s busy schedule. Finding smart and stylish gear can be a big motivator to get out and complete a hard workout or even attend a Zumba class with friends. 

There are many different options when it comes to brands and styles of exercise gear. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Lululemon all have exercise gear tailored to the type of activity you may be doing. Other brands like Albion and Prism Sport have great items for a price that won’t break the bank. 

Decide what type of exercise activity you like to do and purchase the necessary gear. For running, comfortable shorts or leggings will work, along with a tank top or T-shirt that won’t be uncomfortable on your skin. For cycling, biking shorts are necessary for a comfortable ride. For yoga, wear bottoms that won’t bind and are as opaque as possible. 

Once you’ve decided the type of exercise and what gear is necessary, search for a brand that creates that specific clothing. Check out a brand’s website, which shares tips and tricks to taking care of exercise clothing. The materials used to make the pieces sometimes require special care when washing and drying. 

After you’ve decided on the exercise, clothing needed, brand desired and are able to care for the products, purchase the items you are most comfortable with that fit your body. Going to the store and trying on the items will be the best option to make sure the pieces are as comfortable as possible. Mix and match patterns and styles until you find the outfits right for you.