Frame your face with flattering glasses: Different face shapes require different frames


Face shape can have an effect on which glasses frames look good and which are less than flattering. Glasses are a part of a person’s identity. Use the illustration above to determine which frame shape fits your face.

Rachel Geronimo

Eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes, but how does one find the pair that suits their face best? Just like glasses, faces come in all different forms and can require certain eyewear.

Angelia Holland, an independent frame-wear representative who works with Rem Eyewear, has a 32-year background as an optician. She suggested that one has to make sure that his or her prescription accommodates the frame choice.

 “You have to decide if the frames for you are [particular],” Holland said. “’Is it going to function with your prescription?’ is the most important part.”

Holland went into detail on how lenses can affect an individual’s eyewear.

“When picking up eyewear, you need to talk about lenses — what your eyes are going to look good in and is your bifocal going to fit the frame properly,” Holland said. “It really depends on the person and their prescription more than anything.”

Holland explained that frames should be centered on the face and across the nose.

“Your eyes should always center your frames,” Holland said. “You don’t want your eyes sitting at the top of your frame.” 

Taking the time to look in the mirror and analyze what face shape is closest is important before going to purchase eye wear. Is it an almond diamond shape or as bolded as a rectangle? How about as soft as a heart? Check out the face shapes below and find out the kinds of stylish frames that will flatter your face best.


Circle facial structures are proportional in widths and lengths all around. Find a pair of frames that are thick with boxy shapes. Ignore frames that are circular or you will run the risk of losing definition in your face.


Oval face shapes are narrower than circle faces but are still quite rounded. Small frames are not best for oval face shapes. Balance the shape by wearing some oversized glasses that are thick with strong, rounded features.


Heart face shapes have high cheekbones, wide foreheads and slim chins. Go for glasses that are simple and lightweight. Heavy frames will only make faces look larger, so stick with glasses that have small lenses and thin frames.


Diamond facial structures have a unique shape that is narrow in the forehead and jaw. Avoid overly large circular and rectangular shaped lenses as the high cheekbones will be overtaken by the eyewear. Give diamond facial features some love by purchasing a pair of glasses that are small in frame or feature a high tip at the end, such as cat eye frames.


Square faces have bold dimensions. They have strong, sharp jaws and broad foreheads. Create symmetry by venturing out for some soft, rounded glasses that will help elongate the face.


Oblong faces are elongated with strong foreheads and chins. Just like the oval-shaped face, stay away from glasses that are short and stubby. They will make the face look out of proportion and will take away from your strong features. Look for frames that are wider than the face.