Students find motivation to dress up for class


Miranda Cantrell/Iowa State Daily

Grace Bogart, sophomore in political science, said her favorite fashionable and comfortable pieces for class are a leather jacket, sweater and jeans.

Miranda Pollitt

A college student may roll out of bed and take only 10 minutes to get ready before leaving for class — but there is part of the student body that takes the extra time to look put together in the mornings. The question is: how are these students motivated to get ready for a day of classes, work or clubs?

Anna Lickliter, freshman in civil engineering, said she often takes the time to dress up for class and Grace Bogart, sophomore in political science, said she finds dressing up to be a fun part of her day.

“I feel better and more motivated throughout the day when I am dressed up,” Lickliter said.

From a faculty member’s perspective, Ann Thye, academic adviser in apparel, events and hospitality management, said she notices students in a positive way who look put together every day.

One reason college students may not take the time to get dressed up is because they would rather sleep in. An easy way to keep your getting-ready-time down is to plan out outfits the night before.

“It takes the same time to put on sweats as it does more presentable pants,” said Blake Jackson, sophomore in political science who says he tends to dress up more than the average male student.

Some may argue wearing comfy clothing makes them, well, more comfortable — but sometimes wearing sweatpants can make one feel lazy or even more tired.

“I wouldn’t go to take a test in a sweatshirt because I would fall asleep,” Lickliter said and suggested students wear something that is comfortable and looks put together.

For ladies, finding a quick and simple beauty routine is a way to cut down the time spent getting ready in the mornings. Showering before bed and letting hair air-dry throughout the night is one way to shorten a morning beauty regimen.

Lickliter and Bogart said it takes them both around an hour to get ready in the mornings.

“When you look good, you have more confidence when you take on the day,” Bogart explained. 

Lickliter said her go-to pieces include mostly denim, flannels and patterned pants. By dressing up more simple pieces you can have a great look without having to wear a skirt or dress.

When shopping, Bogart said she looks for pieces that are not only cute and fashionable, but also comfortable. Her favorite pieces include her leather jacket, wool socks, an oversized flannel and tuxedo leggings.

“My typical dress up outfit would probably include a Free People sweater and colored jeans,” Bogart said.

For guys on campus, wearing pieces like button-down shirts, nice pants and sweaters can be a nice break from wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt.

“On an average day I’ll wear leather shoes or classic sneakers, khakis or simple jeans and a button-down or pullover,” Jackson said.