The Fighting Burrito_ Best Burrito

The Fighting Burrito

Best Burrito


1.What sets your business apart?

“ The Fighting Burrito is a mexican grill. We set ourselves apart by offering DELIVERY, being committed to being faster than anyone else and offering you more healthy options for your burrito!”


2. How does it feel to be voted the best?

“Feels like Iowa State University knows a great burrito when it eats one!”


3. How long have you been in business?

“We opened in the Fall of 2004. So nearly 10 years.”


4. What is your favorite ISU tradition?

“Naked from Beardshear to Curtis at midnight. Hands (and pants) down.”


5.Why did you start your business?

“ We wanted a big burrito shop in Campustown, and we got tired of waiting.”


6.What would you like to say to students?

“Thanks so much for the recognition, you guys are too kind!”


7. A piece of advice you would like to give?

“This is the most amazing time in your life, don’t waste it; fight for something.”