Skincare questions answered


Brian Achenbach/Iowa State Daily

Lauren Waugh, freshman in pre-business and licensed aesthetician, provides tips on skincare and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Mary Kate Knabel

Iowa State students are known for leading active lifestyles. Taking care of your skin is also an important aspect of living healthy. Here are Lauren Waugh’s, freshman in pre-business and licensed aesthetician, tips on skin care and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Style Section: Is there one product you cannot live without?

Waugh: “Jojoba Oil. It’s affordable and it is a great multipurpose skin care product. I use it as a makeup remover and I also use it as a body moisturizer.”

S: What are some misconceptions college students have about their skin?

W: “College students generally think that more is better when it comes to skin care and that is simply not true. All you need is a basic cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer. These products will be customized depending upon your skin type but the mantra here is ‘the simpler, the better.'”

S: What are some tips to clear, radiant skin?

W: “Your skin shows your health from the inside out so definitely get your daily intake of leafy greens, drink lots of water and take an organic multivitamin. You should be washing and moisturizing in the morning and at night. No more, no less. Also, getting a daily seven to eight hours of rest is key because your body heals itself while you sleep.”

S: What are your recommendations for spring and summer skin care?

W: “Get a facial moisturizer that is light but one that also has an SPF. Keep it light. Wear minimal makeup such as mascara and a mineral powder foundation.”

S: Is there any makeup that is bad for skin?

W: “Most makeup is unfortunately not good for skin because of the chemicals that keep the makeup together and ‘on your face.’ Generally the more you spend on makeup, the better quality of ingredients and the lack of ‘bad ones.’ If you are looking for makeup or skin care that is good for your skin, always look for at least 70 percent organic products.

Some great brands that I recommend for makeup are Tarte, Jane Iredele, Bare Minerals, BECCA and Josie Maran.”

S: Is it okay to sleep with makeup on?

W: “The answer is no. Throughout the day, the pollution in the air and the chemicals from the products you use sit on your skin and seep into your pores. It is important to wash away those toxins each night so that your body can properly heal itself, which it does while you sleep. Your body is amazing and detoxes everything it doesn’t need out of you through your skin which is why you also need to wash your skin in the morning so all of that bad bacteria doesn’t turn into a breakout.”