It is OKAY for men to dress up

Thomas Cheang

Have you been wearing sweatpants and a hoodie everyday? Although they go with everything, don’t you feel that everyone around you wears the same way as you do? What happened to individuality? What happened to your own style? Do you want to be part of the crowd or stand out just a bit? If you wanted to stand out, this is targeted to you. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, they are comfortable and easy to put on but there is a time and place for that.

There is nothing wrong with a man dressing up everyday and there is nothing feminine about it. It is in our nature to attract the opposite sex (possibly the same sex; whichever way you sway) through appearance. Look at David Beckham, he is always sharp and stunning and all he has to do is put on a blouse and nice fitting jeans and he is ready to conquer the world.

So you begin your day with a pair of sweatpants, an Iowa State University t-shirt or hoodie and a pair of sneakers. Everyone on campus may be doing the same as you do. Maybe you should try to spice it up.

Dylan Myers, currently a senior in Advertising under the Greenlee School of Communications at Iowa State University had always been looking nice and sharp everyday in class. It seems so effortless and this is the reason why.

We asked Dylan whether dressing up takes up a lot of effort and he said, “No not really, I usually try to keep my style simple. My mom told me at the age of 4 this whole getting dressed thing is up to you now and ever since then it became a pretty effortless task.”

Besides that, we also asked him where he got his inspiration from and he replied, “My style is a reflection of who I am and personally I’m inspired by artists, rebels, thinkers, the devil’s advocate, the occasional vice and the obscure beauty in it all.” So all in all, you could express yourself through the way you dress up.

We then asked him on whether he have ever been complimented on the way he dresses and he replied,” Yeah I’ve been complemented on my style before. It’s always nice to hear but usually I’m the one giving out compliments. I love seeing people wear styles that I’ve never seen before.” So guys if you wanted to be noticed, try dressing up, take small steps at a time and the tips below might just be what you would need!

So, instead of putting on sweatpants, why don’t you opt for a nice fitting pair of jeans? And instead of wearing a hoodie or t-shirt, just put on a blouse. Yes it could be tedious to button yourself up early in the morning and go to class when you can spend the time sleeping.

If you have to put on a T-shirt why don’t you just go for the simple V-neck collar t-shirt. Although it may look feminine but the V-neck had been proven to highlight certain body features even on males, you have to try it on for yourself to actually see the difference.

Now we move on to shoes, track shoes or sports shoes are no doubt comfortable but then try to switch it up for a fine pair of leather shoes. You don’t need some fancy designer shoe, but just a nice pair of leather shoe can go a long way. It makes you look sharper and more refined.

These are some tips or suggestions where you can actually try to wear, it is OKAY for men to dress up. You are dressing up for yourself and not anyone else. Who knows you would stand out among the crowd and also get something good out of it. Give it a try, you never know what could happen! You look good for yourself, and never others.