Tips for making Valentine’s Day last all year

Tedi Mathis

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the love and happiness the holiday typically brings has to end. Bring a little bit of Valentine’s Day into every day by following some simple tips.

With winter in full swing, it is easy to get bogged down waiting for spring. Buying fresh flowers to keep in a living space makes spring feel closer than ever and can keep the euphoria of Valentine’s Day alive.

Places like Flowerama and Hy-Vee sell flowers year-round, so grab some daisies and start decorating.

If flowers aren’t the right fit, consider a night out to the movies with friends. Valentine’s Day this year saw the release of movies such as “About Last Night,” “Winter’s Tale” and “Endless Love.”

The options range from a romantic comedy, to a historical fiction romance, to a story for the hopeless romantics, meaning there is a little something for almost every romance lover.

And remember there is always the option to throw in an old classic like “Titanic” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

If staying in for a movie is a better option, make sure to grab some Valentine’s Day-esque treats.

Valentine’s Day ending is just the beginning for Valentine themed sweets. Sales for candy start the day after Valentine’s Day so stop by Wal-Mart or Target to buy heart shaped chocolates and gummies at a fraction of their original prices.

Chocolaterie Stam on Main Street is another option, which has everything from ruffles to gelato and provides a romantic setting year-round.

Finally, don’t forget to spread the joy to others. Candy isn’t the only thing on sale after Valentine’s Day, so pick up some cards for co-workers or dorm mates.

It’s not too late. Brighten the day of others by bringing cards and treats to work or class to spread the Valentine’s Day cheer.