Style bloggers share secrets to New Year’s Eve fashion

Courtesy of Bow & Arrow Magazine

Katie Dosen, ISU alumna and blogger behind said that one year, she made a do-it-yourself hair clip out of an old noisemaker for New Year’s Eve.

Miranda Pollitt

New Year’s Eve is one of the most fabulous holidays of the season, but deciding what to wear is sometimes a challenge. We found four fashion bloggers and asked them to give us the scoop on their New Year’s Eve fashion tips.

Embracing style

“My style is girly girl, so I love anything sparkly and frilly,” said Katie Dosen, ISU alumna and blogger behind

Dosen’s said her best advice is to step out of your comfort zone for New Year’s Eve, because it is the one time a year you can really get dressed up.

“A sparkly dress and some type of shorter faux fur coat that keeps with my personal style,” Dosen said about her ideal New Year’s Eve look.

Carly Heitlinger, blogger behind, said her ideal look for New Year’s Eve is classic but a little bit sassy.

“I normally wear the same types of things every day … so this is the perfect opportunity to go a bit outside of my comfort zone,” Heitlinger said.

Ashley Altstadt, blogger of Edgy, said her favorite New Year’s outfit would have to be a gold sequin dress with nude pumps.

Jennifer Henry-Novich, blogger behind said her blog focuses on personal style and adding a bit of glam to every day.

“Anything with sparkle and color that is festive,” Henry-Novich said of her New Year’s Eve outfit of choice.

Accessories and makeup

“I am really into little hair accessories like cute bobby pins or barrettes,” Dosen said and explained one year she even made a DIY hair clip out of an old noisemaker for New Year’s Eve.

Adding small accessories, like a hairpin, is a great, inexpensive way to add sparkle to your New Year’s Eve look. Chunky necklaces and lots of bracelets is another way to add interest to an outfit without having to splurge.

“If I’m wearing a classic, simple dress then I like to accessorize a little bit more,” Heitlinger said. “Either a statement necklace or a stack of bracelets.”

Henry-Novich said she loves to play around with makeup on New Year’s Eve.

“I love the idea of a bold red lip for New Year’s Eve and also getting a manicure of sparkly nail polish,” Henry-Novich said.

Buying a new lipstick or nail polish is an easy way to add glamour to your New Year’s Eve outfit. 

Where to shop

Altstadt said Bloomingdale’s is a great place to fine party dresses.

“Bloomingdale’s is my favorite place to go to for a party dress because they have so many options to choose from,” Altstadt said. “You can find any designer, style, color, length and size that you are looking for. I’ve never come out of Bloomingdale’s empty handed.”

Both Dosen and Henry-Novich said they recommend using Rent the Runway to rent a dress for New Year’s.

“So I find that often times with a party like dress you wear it once for an occasion then girls don’t want to wear it again,” Henry-Novich explained. “Rent the Runway is a great place to get a dress for a night out.”

Dosen said she also turns to Anthropologie for her party dresses.

“They have a lot of really elegant holiday pieces right now,” Dosen said.

Spicing up your beauty routine is an easy and inexpensive way to reinvent an old look.

“If I’m on a budget I like to play up my makeup. Popping on some red lipstick is an easy way to change your look,” Dosen said.

She also suggests getting a pair of fun eyelashes at a store like Target to mix up your eye makeup routine.

“You can never go wrong with a little black dress,” Altstadt said. “I would find a solid black dress that I already own or borrow one from a friend then go out and buy some glitzy accessories.”

Henry-Novich said another great way to save money is to borrow dresses from your girlfriends.

Borrowing a friend’s dress and adding accessories to add personal flair is a savvy trick for those on a budget who want to avoid wearing something in their closet.

“Make do with what you have and don’t be afraid to wear a dress you’ve already worn,” Dosen said.

The clutch

Overall, you should keep your party clutch light and only carry your essentials.

“I hate the weight of carrying a lot. I usually carry a small clutch

that I can wear across my body. I carry the bare essentials like my credit card, ID, lip gloss and some cash,” Dosen said.

For all the social media addicts a portable charger is a great thing to pack in your purse.

“For me personally I am a huge

social media addict. So I carry a  portable phone charger with me,” Henry-Novich said. “Then I also carry my ID, credit cards and a lipstick for touch ups. Then some mints.”