Fashion dictionary: Chambray, peplum, wedge

Mary Kate Knabel

Fashion deserves its own dictionary. The trends, the designers, the products — it can be difficult to keep everything straight when terms such as chambray, peplum and wedge are tossed around in conversation without a clear meaning. These three fashion trends’ definitions may be unknown to students and faculty on campus.

Chambray refers to the fabric of a given apparel item. Many often confuse this fabric for denim, due to the similar blue hue. Chambray is often used for the fabric of a shirt, skirt or dress.

Peplum describes the detailing on dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts and pants that is attached at the waist and appears flared, gathered or pleated. The additional piece of fabric is used to flatter the body because the peplum flares at the hips and appears to lessen waist size.

Wedges fall in the shoe category. When the heel of the shoe is raised and is a solid piece — it is a wedge. This style is common in sandals and boots and is admired for its comfort in comparison to stiletto heels.