Women on campus give guys tips on what to wear


Illustration: Brandi Boyett/Iowa State Daily

Two outfit-approved gentlemen relax on campus in what many girls say they wouldn’t mind seeing on their first date.

Miranda Pollitt

Guys, we all know it’s hard to pick the perfect outfit that your girlfriend or date will love, but fear no more. We found girls on campus to give us their girlfriend-approved outfits and style tricks for guys.

“I would describe my boyfriend’s style as very hipster,” said Cassidy Glynn, freshman in apparel, merchandising and design.  

She said her boyfriend is often sporting a pair of dark colored jeans, a button-up and a beanie.

“If we were going somewhere really nice dress pants and then a nice button-up shirt from Express with a bow tie,” Glynn said when asked about the perfect date outfit for men. “A bow tie for sure.”

So for all of the hipster guys on campus, your girl is looking for a cool and laid-back style. Stick to a dark pair of colored jeans, a nice shirt and a beanie to complete your look.

Kaitlyn Trampel, sophomore in marketing, described her boyfriend’s look as all-American.

“My boyfriend definitely likes an athletic look for his wardrobe,” Trampel said and added one can usually find her boyfriend wearing either Kobe Bryant shorts or an ISU T-shirt.

“I really like when he wears either a nice pair of jeans and a button-up shirt or a nice pair of khakis with some handsome looking shirt or sweater,” Trampel said about her idea of an ideal date outfit. 

So swap out your typical basketball shorts for something a little more dressy and put together looking. Sweaters are a great addition to any closet and are an easy way to look dressed up for a date.

“My favorite go-to piece that my boyfriend wears is probably his casual cotton striped hoodies with dark denim jeans,” Trampel said.

She said she likes how it is a simple look, but said it fits his personality and style.

“To me the most important or attractive feature in a wardrobe is making sure the fit is great and the style is suitable for the person’s personality,” Trampel said.