How-to: Decorate for Halloween


Ben Stokes/Iowa State Daily

Personalize your Halloween decorations. Instead of just carving a face, spice it up a little by carving out a stiletto. For an easy decoration, clean out an old salsa jar to put candy corn in.

Tedi Mathis

Dorm room, sorority house or apartment, it is time to start decorating for the holidays. Here are some quick and easy tips to decorate a space for Halloween on a budget.

1. Halloween lights: Decorative lights can be used for more than just the winter holidays. Wrap your room in orange string lights, shaped like small flames, for an orange Halloween glow. You can lay them over the window, wrap them around your loft bed, hang them around the top of the walls or cover the railing of your porch to spread Halloween spirit with your neighbors. Orange string lights are available at Target for $10.

2. Carve a pumpkin: Jack-o’-lanterns allow you to express creativity and personality in your decorations. Head over to the local pumpkin patch or grocery store to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Carving a face into your pumpkin is not a must; instead, think of the pumpkin as your canvas and change it up by carving out a stiletto heal or a bow.

3. Make food a decoration: Save a salsa jar and wash it to reuse. Fill the jar with candy corn for a sugary-sweet Halloween decoration. Feeling more adventurous? Find some gummy eyeballs or spiders to fill the jar.

4. Get crafty: Show off your favorite Halloween phrase with some small wooden letters and paint. Places like JoAnn Fabric and Hobby Lobby often sell these letters and inexpensive paint to go with. You can go with a classic phrase, such as “boo” or “trick or treat,” or get creative and make your own Halloween saying.

5. Use what you have: There is no shame in making your Halloween decoration budget $0; there are still plenty of ways to decorate. Bring out your inner kid and print some Halloween-themed coloring pictures to hang or cut out small spiders and skulls to hang on the walls in your favorite color paper.