Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week review


Photo courtesy of Katelyn Herlein.

Designer Cesar Galindo, debuted his colorful spring/summer 2014 line at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Mary Kate Knabel

Possibly more important than the Super Bowl, at least in the eyes of fashion-crazed women, is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week — the most anticipated event on the fashion industry’s calendar.

The week saw countless shows, with iconic attendees, frantic designers and trained models, all coming together for one thing: immerse themselves in the newest trends of the spring/summer 2014 season.

Fashion bloggers were huge assets to Fashion Week. After being invited to certain shows, well-known style bloggers were the quickest liaison of information to at home customers. On top of newly established fashion bloggers — celebrities, fashion editors and public figures made appearances.

Lesser known designers and fashion houses came out stronger than ever after the week’s end. New names presented designs that ranked them among the greats.

One show that struck many fashion experts was the designs of Tory Burch. Her take on sixties femininity was effortless and refreshing. In a sea of leather, cutouts and hard fashion — this show gave birth to simplicity.

Contrary to Burch, Reem Acra, The Row and All Saints took a rougher approach to spring/summer 2014. Both brought a new sense of edge to the seasons with touches of black and the perfect amount of pattern.

Designer Cesar Galindo presented a spring/summer 2014 line that gave color new life. His silhouettes, pleating, color choice and aesthetic proved his skill for knowing the 21st century woman. The contrast of his designs in comparison to other presentations made a strong addition to the week’s events.

This week was monumental in the fact that lesser-known, but not less talented, designers made an influential impact on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, proving that fashion is an art form that continues to grow.

Additionally, the event saw the impact of fashion blogging and the new era of quick communication between fashion figures and average consumers.

With Fashion Week over, the steam of the new fashion lingers on. YouTube channels stream recaps of the show, editors will now begin choosing pieces for magazine features, and ISU college students will view the stylish chaos with interesting eyes from miles away.