How-to: Wear Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week trends


Jessi Wilson photo

Translating the leather runway trend into a college wardrobe isn’t rocket science—leather shorts with a relaxed fit can be dressed up or down with a variety of tops. For more tips on rocking this Fashion Week trend, check out our latest Fall Trend Guide.  

Tedi Mathis

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is full of fresh-off-the-sewing-machine apparel, designers biting their nails while waiting for critiques and models praying to pull it all off. But let’s be honest — designers and models aren’t the only people nervous during this week of high fashion. We, the common people, can be just as anxious for the new lines to show and may battle how to wear the looks ourselves. Here are three designers who rocked a variety of styles and how you can pull these looks off with your everyday closet.


This year’s line from BCBG carried a common theme of masculinity with a feminine edge. Clothes were looser and fabric hung lighter and layered. Whether it was pant suits with a crop top, some floral or some sheer material, the line brought a new meaning to business casual.

How can you bring this look home? Embrace your inner masculinity (faking it is okay too) and throw on your favorite blazer with a loose fitting top. Tie it all together with some floral pants and you’ve got an everyday look inspired by BCBG runway style. Want to look even more like a model right off the stage? Trade in your loose hanging shirt for a crop top and some open-toe heels.

Rebecca Minkoff

The line Rebecca Minkoff produced boasted a lot of black, white, red and stripes. The line was composed of mainly neutral colors with some bright yellow accents. Similar to the BCBG line, Minkoff carried on the theme of floral print and clothes with more flow. The collection also featured a variety of tall, strappy sandal heels.

To make this look your own, stick to the basics. Do you have a brightly colored skirt itching to jump out of your closet? Throw it on with a light and loose black cardigan and a white tank top. If you’re loving dresses, stick to ones that will flow in the wind and display a unique, floral print.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s line had a very strong message for all those looking: leather is for all clothes. Hilfiger featured leather polo shirts, dresses, jackets, shorts and pants. He also showed a lot of color blocking and zippers to add accent to his pieces. Hilfiger continued his sporty streak with some chic jerseys.

While we may not all want to dress in leather head-to-toe in this Iowa weather, there are still ways to wear it outside of your mom’s leather jacket from the 1980s. Leather shorts are continuing to prove themselves as a summer staple, and are available in all prints and colors. You can also carry Hilfiger’s ideas into fall and winter with some color block sweaters. Finally, don’t be afraid to rock a “Sporty Spice” look with a simple jersey addition to the classic jeans and blazer combo.