Products, treatments fight summer hair damage

The Moroccan Oil line offered at Leedz Salon is regularly used by their stylists to repair summer-damaged hair.

Photo courtesy of Leedz Salon

The Moroccan Oil line offered at Leedz Salon is regularly used by their stylists to repair summer-damaged hair.

Mariah Wellman

Repairing hair damage left behind by summer is more affordable and achievable with the help of special products, services and treatments offered at salons in Ames.

Sunday Shampoo, known for removing residue, is by Bumble and bumble is frequently used for hair repair at The Salon in Ames.

“The shampoo helps break up the chlorine that is on the hair,” said Michelle Golden, stylist at The Salon in Ames.

The Salon in Ames does an in-salon service with the Bumble and bumble line they carry where a client sits under a dryer to help the treatment soak deeper in the hair; the treatment can also be purchased for at-home usage.

One of the most popular summer activities that can negatively affect hair is swimming; chlorine can create dull and lifeless hair, but Doug Ziminski, owner of Leedz Salon on Lincoln Way, says a simple Moroccan Oil Clarifying shampoo can wash chlorine out pretty quickly, without breaking the bank.

Ziminski came to Iowa State in pursuit of a chemistry and pre-veterinarian degree after receiving a license of cosmetology in New York City.

“One good thing about my chemistry background from Iowa State is that I have a good understanding of how the chemicals we use work,” Ziminski said. “So we keep hair in pretty good shape when we use bleach, relaxers, color with NH3 or when we’re getting out chlorine or rust.

“Moroccan Oil has tetra sodium EDTA, which is a chelator for chlorine and bromine. This means it is attracted to negatively charged chlorine and binds with it, and can then be shampooed out.”

Abigail Braida, sophomore in family consumer science educational studies, has taken home shampoo, conditioner and oil treatments to use on her own time.

“I started using Moroccan Oil because no other product made my hair as soft or as shiny,” Braida said. “I’ve even noticed a difference in length. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

Leedz Salon also offers a Moroccan Oil treatment for summer hair damage. The hairdresser mixes together four tablespoons of Moroccan Oil, eight tablespoons of Moroccan Oil hydrating treatment and eight tablespoons of Moroccan Oil repair treatment, and then the stylist applies it to a client’s freshly shampooed hair.

After using a brush to work from the ends of the hair to the scalp, the stylist then wraps the hair in cellophane and sets it under heat for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

To maintain hair health and to guarantee a healthy scalp throughout the year, the hairdressers recommend wetting hair and putting a small amount of conditioner in before going swimming.

They also recommend using the right products and seeing a hairstylist regularly to maintain a manageable hairstyle.

“Your hairstylist should recommend the best product for your hair type to bring hair back to a healthy state,” Golden said.

Cost can be a big factor on whether or not one decides to splurge on a special hair treatment throughout the year; if you do decide to get a salon treatment, many are reasonably priced, some even have a guarantee on the products.

“We understand that money is tight for clients,” Golden said. “The difference between our products and drugstore products is that we guarantee our products and if something doesn’t work for them they can exchange it for another product that does.”

The Moroccan Oil Treatment at Leedz Salon can be scheduled at any time, and can have a great impact on the damage done to hair during the summer, while still being a relatively low cost.

“It’s only $20 without a blow out, or an extra $20 with a completely surface,” Ziminski said. “If you give up one coffee drink, or one less drink at the bar, you got it.”