Create a stylish game day look

Jessi Wilson

Creating a stylish game day outfit is simple when taking everyday red and gold pieces from a wardrobe and combining them to create a Cyclone-tastic look.

An over-sized T-shirt — typically at least a size XL — is great for creating a comfortable cotton dress to wear to football games. There are several YouTube and Pinterest tutorials detailing how to use these larger shirts in various ways — many of which do not require sewing or extensive design work.

One of the easiest methods to creating a strapless cotton dress that shows off one’s ISU pride is by pulling the neckline of a larger T-shirt over the head and arms and positioning it on the upper torso.

By tucking the shirt sleeves into their sleeve holes, a pocket-like illusion is created. For those looking for a more functional dress, there is the option to sew the arm holes together to create pockets for the dress; however, this step is not necessary. Adding a fashionable belt to this garment will give the dress more shape and help define the waist.

For those looking for a stylish look other than a dress, take advantage of online tutorials teaching how to create a tank top from a typical T-shirt. Many of these how-tos that do not require design work other than cutting.

Pairing a T-shirt with high-waist or distressed shorts is another trend for football game day apparel.

Accessorizing the dress or T-shirt will enhance style and Cyclone pride. Many stores carry colorful hair accessories like bows, flowers and headbands often offered in cardinal red or gold — these colors are usually readily available in Ames. Hair accessories are an easy way to add a feminine touch to any football game outfit.

Adding a scarf in Iowa State’s colors is another way to decorate an outfit for game day — this addition will be especially nice as temperatures drop throughout the season.