Make use of unwanted magazines

Mary Kate Knabel

The average college girl accumulates countless magazines throughout a semester of school, whether it is Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour or Vogue.

After being read and reviewed, magazines often sit on a shelf or in a basket. Since magazines have colorful pages, bright ideas and interesting stories, it’s necessary to find ways to utilize magazines for more than reading.

My first suggestion is simple: Find someone else interested in the magazine. Sharing magazines will allow multiple readers to enjoy the delights of today’s top magazines and make sure the pages are enjoyed by more than one person.

Next, making a collage is a great way to get the most out of a magazine. Tear out pictures, stories and fashion spreads, combine them into a collage and frame it for the perfect room decoration.

Finally, I would suggest using the pages of magazines for storage and packing. College students are always on the go, and magazines will be a benefit. Stuff purses and shoes in storage with pages of magazines to maintain the shape and appearance. Wrap nice items in magazines pages when moving to avoid damage.

The truth of it all comes down to one thing: Magazines should be utilized for more than just one read. Try one of the previous suggestions, or be creative with an idea of your own. Magazines are a great source of reading with lots of recycling potential.