CyGuide: Turn your ISU tee into a game day masterpiece

Gwen Campion

It is almost that time of the year again: football season. A time that is not just for the players to work their magic on the field, but for proud Cyclone fans to don the cardinal and gold and strut through the tailgating lots.

This year, graduate from the classic tee with this DIY t-shirt renovation to stand out and cheer on the ‘clones in style.

Step 1: Spread the shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves right along the inside of the seams.

Step 2: Cut the neckline into a V; the bottom should reach two inches above the armpit. Make sure to only cut the FRONT of the shirt for this step.

Step 3: Flip the shirt over and cut out a rectangle on either side of the neck hole, leaving the shoulder seams intact. Cut all the way from the shoulder down to the armpits. This will create the lengthened straps of the new shirt.

Step 4: There should now be a rectangle of fabric left directly underneath the neck hole. Cut directly down the middle back of this section—the cut should stop a few inches below the armpit and should be in a continuous line with the center of the V already cut into the front. These two strips will be used to complete the straps in the back of the new tank.

Step 5: Flip the shirt back over to the front and take the now-lengthened straps and loop them around each other once, like tying a shoe. Tighten this until the V, cut in step two, is completely hidden by the tie.

Step 6: It’s best to put the t-shirt on your body for this step and enlist the help of a friend. Take the two loose ends and wrap them around your neck. Then, have a friend stand behind you and tie these ends to the loose ends, cut in step four; tie the ends into a tight knot.

Step 7: Optional step—leave the extra straps hanging loose, or for some extra pizazz, tie them into a cute bow like we did.

Voila—an adorable, easy-to-make tee to rock at the first big game.