Dress for finals week success

Kate Bruce

Finals week has arrived and only five days separate students from a glorious three months of sunshine and relaxation.

This time around, putting some pizazz in your exam wardrobe could be just the boost of confidence you need to ace your finals.

Janet Fitzpatrick, lecturer of apparel, events and hospitality management, described finals week wardrobes as typically centered on comfort.

“However, in terms of looking at how prepared students are,” Fitzpatrick said, “if they’ve just rolled out of bed, they might not feel all put together.”

Sophomore Maia Palma said she believes wearing a bright color on exam days helps to wake her up.

“Usually I try to go for a color that’s more stimulating to my eyes,” Palma said. “If I feel good, I feel like I will perform better.”

Aside from wearing bright colors, Palma said she avoids constricting garments on exam days and instead chooses loose and easy items. She suggested a big cardigan or loose tank top as an alternative to the classic T-shirt.

As for bottoms, she suggested a soft maxi skirt. “Maxi shirts are trendy and are super comfy,” Palma said. “They’re like wearing a big blanket.”

Freshman Kate Sheridan said she bases her exam attire on the weather.

“If it’s cooler out, I would probably wear leggings with a sweater and a jean vest over it,” Sheridan said, “and if it’s warmer, I would wear shorts and a cute top.”

Sheridan said she tries to avoid baggy sweatpants or sweatshirts on exam days and instead chooses items that could boost her confidence.

She said, “On days that I think I look good, I feel like I have a better day and am more prepared.”

Senior Sam Behrens said he also typically prefers to look nice when going out in public, especially during finals week.

“You never know who you’re going to run into,” Behrens said. “You might run into President [Steven] Leath or something, and you don’t want your first impression to be you in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.”

For exams, Behrens said he would wear a V-neck shirt, khaki or colored shorts, and a pair of boating shoes, such as Sperry’s. He stressed that comfort is key when it comes to exam days; he goes for items that he can move around in.

Behrens suggested V-neck shirts for collegiate men rather than T-shirts, saying, “They look a little bit classier.”