PRINT VERSION Album Review: Paramore’s ‘Paramore’

Maggie Mcginity

Paramore’s fourth studio album, self-titled “Paramore,” starts out rocking with “Fast in My Car,” a song whose title explains its story. Overall, “Paramore” is a fantastic album.

It flows from one song to another, 17 tracks in total including three wonderfully ukulele-fueled interludes, which contrast the sweet sounds of ukulele and Hayley Williams’ voice with cutting, angry and sometimes sarcastic lyrics.

This would be a great album to play as background music at a party. All of the songs are fun in one way or another. None of them stand out as bad. Many of the songs are rocking, but all are easy to listen to.

My small complaint about this album is that it is a bit lacking in coherence and overall album-theme. Paramore covers all kinds of topics and genres, from lasting love (“Still Into You”) to overly-attached girlfriends (“(One of Those) Crazy Girls”), from funk with gospel choir (“Ain’t It Fun”) to ’50s-doo-wop-esque slow songs (“Hate to See Your Heart Break”).

A few songs are very similar to each other, and are, unfortunately, usually played one-right-after-the-other, but are so well-written, performed and produced that I don’t even noticed until I start looking for flaws.

My least favorite track is “Interlude: Holiday,” though I do appreciate its reference to the money-saving practice of eating Ramen. The album’s current singles, “Now” and “Still Into You,” are excellent songs, well-chosen, and have real Top 40 potential. My personal favorite is “Interlude: Moving On.”

Rating: 4.5/5 stars