Hughes and Kletscher elected next GSB president and vice president amidst controversy


Photo: Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Spencer Hughes, junior in speech communication, and Hillary Kletscher, junior in biological systems engineering, react to the news of their appointments as 2013 Government of the Student Body president and vice president.

Katie Grunewald

Spencer Hughes and Hillary Kletscher have not-so-smoothly been elected Government of the Student Body president and vice president.

Election Commissioner Adam Guenther announced the results March 14, 2013 at the Memorial Union.

Once polls opened, a ban on campaigning, aside from social media, was put in place.

Hughes and Kletscher were found responsible for failing to abide by Election Code 8.18, which states that emails cannot be sent out within 24 hours of the election, as well as during the election.

Kletscher sent an email to the Collegiate Pan-Hellenic Council president to be sent on to other greek house presidents.

These forwarded emails were sent past deadline, and went to approximately 30 greek houses.

Two of the presidents of these houses forwarded the emails on to Election Commissioner Adam Guenther, and then explained that Kletscher had failed to let them know they could not email them out March 10 or later.

Hughes and Kletscher met with Guenther and four of the six election commission members after the election results announcement on March 14.

The election commission established Hughes and Kletscher were negligent in not informing the Collegiate Pan-Hellenic Council president of these rules, and have been fined. 

They will not receive the good will deposit they paid at the beginning of their campaign.

The election commission thinks this would not have changed the overall result of the election, and have established that Hughes and Kletscher will be the next GSB president and vice president.

Presidential and senatorial candidates are responsible for turning in signatures prior to the start of their campaign.

According to Guenther, Hughes was the only candidate that had multiple signature sheets thrown out due to invalid signatures.

Signatures are checked with the student directory, and are typically voided if a match cannot be found.

Hughes and opponent Daniel Rediske were responsible for collecting 1,000 signatures to be on the presidential ballot.

Hughes had several signature sheets with only five of the 25 slots filled out.

“It was sloppy work and showed that they rushed it or did not care about the process of connecting with students about the election,” said Guenther.

Hughes and Kletscher received 1,519 votes, and Rediske and Zachary Bauer received 890.

Before announcing the next president and vice president of GSB, Guenther announced all of the Senate seat winners.

Due to the amount of vacancies, many Senate seats were won by write-ins.

Rediske and Bauer both won a write-in Senate seat.

Before the election, Bauer said he would like to stay as involved as GSB as he could. Rediske had no comment on accepting his Senate seat.