Print Brief Album Review: Tim McGraw’s ‘Two Lanes of Freedom’

Maggie Mcginity

I don’t like country music. But, surprisingly, I like country star Tim McGraw’s new album, “Two Lanes of Freedom.”

On “Freedom,” McGraw starts out singing songs which remind one of summer. It’s an interesting choice for an album released in winter. The first two tracks, title track “Two Lanes of Freedom” and “One of Those Nights,” both have themes of driving around(presumably in a pick-up truck) and romance. These are combined well in the first song’s lyrics: “God made old country roads for driving and dreaming,/Mine’s coming true girl, here with you, on two lanes of freedom.”

There are many melancholy tracks on “Freedom.” The first of these is “Friend of a Friend,”a beautiful and sad but hopeful song about keeping tabs on an old flame. “Book of John” is a story song, reminiscing about the life of a father; the lyrics are vivid and paint memories.

I don’t like “Truck Yeah,” an obnoxious play on words, a song which claims to be “a little too country” but is in fact one of the most rocking songs on the album; it also references hip hop artist Lil Wayne in the very first line. I have mixed feelings about “Mexicoma.” The beginning lyrics annoy me, but the chorus is infectious.

“Highway Don’t Care(feat. Taylor Swift)” is the last song and one of my favorites from the album. It’s a song within a song, Swift crooning a line which claims to be coming over the radio of a truck of a girl driving away from McGraw.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars