Album Review: Luke Bryan’s ‘Spring Break … Here to Party’

Maggie Mcginity

I don’t know when Luke Bryan first entered college, but it seems to me that he never left. Case and point: “Spring Break … Here to Party,” Bryan’s new album compilation, featuring the best tracks off his four Spring Break-themed EPs as well as two new songs.

If you’re an undergrad about to embark on a 10-day-long party, this album has some perfect tunes for you, whether your celebration is beachy (“Suntan City,” “Shore Thing”) or countrified (“Cold Beer Drinker,” “Little Bit Later On”).

However, these tracks don’t have a shelf life outside of the season of their album’s namesake. An exception is my favorite “Spring Break” tune, “In Love with the Girl,” a steady song about being caught off-guard by love (“I was cool with hangin’ around/Now I got plans bigger than this town”). It’s the only track off “Spring Break” that you could listen to anytime of the year which would still ring true.

Musically, this album is solid. The songs are catchy, the melodies singable, if not a tad boring and predictable. An exception is “Little Bit Later On,” a banjo-heavy track song full of impressions and almost-rap; rap and country don’t mix. The lyrics on this album are fairly flimsy, consisting mainly of different variations of booze, girls, and partying. “Love in a College Town” is lyrically fun and accurate; visit any Campustown bar to see it in action. This is the perfect album for lovers of Spring Break, but isn’t good for much else.

2.5/5 stars