Rediske, Bauer focus on student experience


Photo: Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Candidates for student body president and vice president Daniel Rediske and Zachary Bauer participate in the Government of the student body presidential election debate on Feb. 26, 2013, in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.

Katie Grunewald

Presidential candidate Dan Rediske and vice presidential candidate Zach Bauer are looking to build a GSB that will serve students better for the foreseeable future.

“I want GSB to serve students better with or without me there,” Rediske said.

If elected, the first thing that Rediske wants to do is sit down with the GSB Senate and discuss what needs to be done.

“I don’t think I’m going to be pushing to do anything,” Rediske said. “I’m envisioning a more in-tune GSB.”

Rediske feels the free e-textbook initiative is hopeful in getting approved.

“I’m most hopeful for the e-textbooks because of the sheer impact it could have,” Rediske said. “Even if you only save one student $75, [for] over the 25,000 undergrads, that is reducing a large burden.”

The goal of this program would be to provide free general education textbooks to students.

Rediske sees the biggest difference between him and opponent Spencer Hughes as the focus of their platform, the main point being the elimination of the executive scholarship.

“I think that it’s dangerous that we’re going to require a student representative that is fiscally able to support themselves while carrying out all the responsibilities of being GSB president,” Rediske said.

“I don’t think it should be how much money you have,” Rediske said. “It should be how passionate you are about students and how well you can represent them.”

Rediske decided he wanted Bauer to be his running mate after they both attended the Big 12 student government conference.

“I could tell Zach was really someone who was looking to better the student experience,” Rediske said. 

“I knew he wouldn’t just agree with my ideas, but would tell me how to make my ideas better. He was my first choice because of his diverse communication experience compared to my heavily financial experience.”

Bauer did not hesitate to take on the position.

“I immediately said yes,” Bauer said. “When I first started on GSB, I could really see his commitment through the finance committee and the Senate.”

Bauer explained the diverse experiences that he and Rediske have and how that could benefit students.

“Dan and I have the most experience and the knowledge of what GSB can do, and how we can make it more available and utilized by students,” Bauer said.

“With Dan being on finance and me being on PR, we have a full grasp on GSB problems and the solutions.”