Layer up: Don’t let snow stunt your style


Photo by Brenna Lyden

Keeping fashionable when it’s freezing is no easy task, but start with a base layer and add on stylish accents for a cool look everytime.

Kaylee Delacy

With the weather constantly dipping from the upper 40s to subzero conditions, it’s no wonder women have so much difficulty picking out what to wear to class each day. Even if you’re not a stranger to the dramatic Iowa winters, it still can be challenging to dress stylishly when there is a weekly winter storm warning.

Yes, it may be tough being a fashionista in the Midwest in February, but there are still plenty of ways to turn some heads while staying toasty warm! With the help of a few of your seasonal staples, you’ll be able to whip up a winter-friendly ensemble in no time! To be a warm fashionista in Iowa, it is a necessity to own at least one pair of really great sweater tights, a few pairs of full-length leggings, a sturdy pair of leather boots, and mix-and-match knit accessories.

The key to looking fierce in the flurries is to put your “base clothing” on, then layer up! For a base layer, start out with a pair of solid leggings and a long sleeve thermal tee.

From here, you put on the essentials: sweater tights, leg warmers, boots, and a thick, cable-knit sweater. By picking a neutral pair of leggings, they won’t be noticeable under your sweater tights, while still keeping your legs warm. Kohl’s has a really great selection of sweater tights at extremely affordable prices. The Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection is of excellent quality, with fashion forward patterns and designs.

Put on some thick wool socks, slouchy leg warmers, and lined leather boots to round out the bottom half of your winter ensemble. If you’re on a budget, we understand. Zappos always has a wide variety of genuine leather boots for as low as $40 that will keep you warm, while putting your best foot forward. For the top half of your outfit, try a heavy sweater with a flowing skirt or a knee length sweater dress. Either option will block the wind, while still giving you the “comfortable-yet-cute” vibe that you’re striving for. Personally, we love Old Navy’s sweater dresses. Their charcoal cowl-neck dress flatters multiple body types, without adding unnecessary bulk, at only $31. Now that you’re fully dressed for class, it’s time to get ready for the chilly campus. Here is where many ladies tend to stumble. Many women put on a stylish outfit and completely fall flat by putting on a large, not to mention ill-fitting, ski jacket. Don’t get us wrong; ski jackets may be warm, but a peacoat is too, and it’s an excellent alternative to looking like you took a wrong turn on your way to the 2014 Winter Olympics. When shopping for a winter peacoat, don’t be afraid to splurge a little. A peacoat is an essential item for at least three months of the year that you will wear daily. Try to get one that is fully lined, comfortable, and long enough to cover your hips.

Believe it or not, this is an excellent time to buy winter apparel, since most retailers are clearancing outerwear for the upcoming spring lines. If you’re on a budget, try American Eagle’s olive double-breasted, notched-lapel coat. It’s chic, fully lined and practical. You can find it at select stores and on their website for a discounted price.

Once you’ve put on your coat, go all out with your winter accessories. Put on a pair of fun mittens, a warm scarf, and some furry ear muffs to complete your look. Get ready, get cute and go brave the cold in style.