Switch up your look with these temporary beauty fixes

Mariah Wellman

Walking across campus, one can point out many facial features of the passersby, without ever stopping to think if what they were seeing was natural.

Many students on campus use products to change their appearance, whether it be for special occasions (like a spray tan and fake eyelashes for a formal dance), clip-in bangs for a night out or colored contacts put in every morning. These things are temporary and easily attainable, making them a popular commodity in today’s market. Making a drastic change like a haircut can seem scary to some, but clipping in a set of thick bangs for date night doesn’t seem like such a commitment.

Taylor Walters, alumna of Iowa State, started wearing colored contacts as a high school student. “I have blue eyes, so I got a different color of blue as well as brown,” Walters said, “Something about being a blonde with brown eyes was something I liked.”

Colored contacts are a simple and easy change to make before heading out on the town. Changing your eye color can enhance the look of your face, and give you an opportunity to use different shades of makeup.

“If I wanted to do a certain style of makeup, I would use the contacts to make my eyes stand out more,” Walters said.

Acuvue brand contacts produce popular colors with all levels of correction, as well as no correction for those who would just like the look of a brighter or different eye color. It is one of many relatively inexpensive ways to change your look, along with things like spray tanning and extensions.

Abby Oliver, sophomore in political science, sported a spray tan for dance as a child and continues to tan today.

“I don’t see an issue with it,” Oliver said. “Having a tan is a nice thing, and when you do it in a healthy way, then what’s the problem?”

Spray tanning is a quick fix for pale skin in the winter months, without the harsh risks of a tanning bed. Many salons have multiple spray tanning booths and charge between $15 to $50 per session. They can last seven days on average but could possibly remain on the skin for up to two weeks. Spray tans have been something fairly new in the past few years, but removable hair extensions have been on the market for many. Removable hair extensions and clip-in bangs come in all sorts of shades, lengths and hair types.

Ashley Sander, sophomore in political science, used removable extensions to achieve the style she wanted.

“I cut my hair to an asymmetrical bob that was boy-short in the back,” Sander said. “I started to dislike it, and I didn’t feel like my hair fit my style at the time.”

Sander used both Sassy Silk 18-inch Human Hair extensions for about $70 total, and Euronext Remy 18-inch Human Hair Extensions for around $100 to $120 total. The cost may seem a little pricey, but the extensions were used for more than two years.

“I used them as a temporary fix until I felt my hair could do the same styles and colors that I used my extensions for,” Jordan said.

These products temporarily fixed Sander’s, Oliver’s and Walters’ trouble spots, and also helped boost their confidence.

“It helped raise my self esteem at some points because it helped me portray myself as the person that I wanted to appear as,” Sander said.

Extensions, spray tans and colored contacts are all easy, temporary changes to your look. They come without high risks, are easily attainable and won’t break the bank. If you’re wondering if any of these products are for you, there’s no harm in experimenting.

“These products are a healthy alternative,” Oliver said. “If they make a person feel more confident, I say go for it.”