Iowa State visits Des Moines for ISU Day at the Capitol

Thaddeus Mast

ISU Day at the Capitol will be taking place from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Feb. 25 at the Rotunda of the Capitol.

“The goal of the day is to showcase the impact of Iowa State in all 99 Iowa counties and to demonstrate our commitment to serve the state,” said ISU President Steven Leath.

A series of tables will be set up for each department. Displays and hand outs will be on the tables as well as a few people to answer questions.

“A couple people from every department will be representing their department and legislatures will come through on and off as the day goes on to discuss issues with these people and to see their displays,” said Makenzie Heddens, program assistant to the office of the president.

The departments being showcased include Student Affairs, Extension and Outreach, VP Research/Research and Economic Development, Research Park, Institute for Physical Research and Technology, Ames Lab, Athletics, Alumni Association, GSB, and all seven colleges.

“Both the other colleges, Iowa and UNI, have their own Day at the Capitol as well. It’s just a day to showcase what that college is about and what they’re doing,” Heddens said.

“It’s a way for the university to brag about the accomplishments that are going on and the successes they’ve made.”

An example of what’s going to be set up for the departments was given by Heddens. “The College of Design created a tractor-mounted communications device that alerts the family and emergency personal of a rollover when it happens. They’re going to have a display to try to show how it works.

“This is the first time Iowa State’s doing this, so it’s going to be really exciting and hopefully it’ll be a great success,” Heddens said.

Leath encourages students to come and join him at the Capitol. “Students are our best advocates. Each student has a unique story on why they decided to attend ISU and they should feel comfortable sharing that with their local elected officials,” Leath said.

If anyone is interested in participating in next year’s ISU Day at the Capitol, contact Heddens at [email protected].