GSB approves club funding requests


The Government of the Student Body’s weekly meeting is held Wednesday, Oct. 24, in the South Ball Room of the Memorial Union.

Lissandra Villa

Senate welcomed a new clerk in its Nov. 7 meeting.

Instead of a Program of the Week, Senate hosted three groups of the week.

The first was the Bollywood Dance Club, a new club with 18 members in its performing group and 20 in its flash mob group. The club has not previously received any funding from the Government of the Student Body. Bollywood dance was described by one of the members as a dance that carries a story throughout the performance.

SIR Magazine was the second group of the week. The editor-in-chief said that SIR’s mission “is providing relevant content for [ISU] men.” SIR magazine is currently working on its Movember campaign, a spin of “No Shave November” with mustaches, to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

The Student Union board was the third group to present. Student Union Board plans entertainment events on campus and is currently taking applications for many different positions.

“Funding Cyclone Ballroom Club” bill passed at Senate by a vote of 29-1-0. It granted $700 to host the Rivieras Band, a band previously hired at the Cyclone Ballroom Club and Cyclone Swing Society’s Winter Social.

“Funding Chinese Karaoke” bill, which asked for $355.50 to cater a Cultural Chinese music night with Golden Wok Buffet, passed. The bill originally asked for $444 but was separated into food and facility costs.

“Funding Triathlon Club” bill, which would allow $1,698.34 to be allocated to the Triathlon Club for competition purposes, was the next up. The group has seen an increase in membership, and the number of participants in the Naples Triathlon competition doubled. The bill, which added to the $869.98 funded during regular allocations, passed by a vote 30-0-1.

The Mountaineering and Climbing Club requested what ended up being $6,350 after an amendment from GSB in anticipation of their fall semester trip. A 30-1-0 vote passed it.

Discussion then moved on to transferring $1,400 from the GSB Operating Budget (which funds things such as office supplies) to the Senate Discretionary Account. The bill was amended to move the money into the Capital Projects Account instead. The bill then failed by a vote of 20-11-0. Transferring funds requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

The next bill that passed by a vote of 27-3-1 created a bylaw change that requires the Finance Director to make weekly reports to Senate.

Senate adjourned before 10 p.m.