GSB to discuss bills on presidential account bylaw changes

Charles O'Brien

At Wednesday night’s Government of the Student Body meeting Special Allocations will take place along with three bills to be voted upon: “Apportionment and Election Timeline,” “Providing Funds for World AIDS Day” and “Executive Initiative Account Bylaw Changes”.

During the Special Allocations portion of the GSB meeting, six organizations are looking to be allocated a complete total of $14,180.74 because either they did not ask for the funds during Regular Allocations last spring, or they have an unforeseen expense. The GSB Finance Committee had conducted hearings with each group and made the following recommendations for funding.

The Archery Club is looking to be allocated $2,509.18; Catalyst, $2,025; Iranian Students’ and Scholars’ Association, $1,459; the ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition, $930.56; the Mountaineering and Climbing Club, $6,417; and the Taiwanese Student Association, $840.

The “Apportionment and Election Timeline” bill states that an election timeline for GSB for 2012–13 has been approved by the Election Commissioner and the Election Commission, and that under the bylaws it must be approved by the senate.

“Providing Funds for World AIDS Day” states that the ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition is looking to host a week long awareness event to promote awareness about AIDS and the group is looking to be allocated $215.05 to pay for materials and a speaker for their event.

The last bill on the docket for the night is the “Executive Initiative Account Bylaw Change,” which states that “the president will submit to the Executive Cabinet and finance director a line-item budget at least 48 hours before making any expenditures from this account.”

The bill also stated that this additional framework is needed and desired in order to bring the account in compliance with audit proceedings.