CyRide says no fee increase needed for FY 2014


File photo: Nick Nelson/Iowa State Daily

CyRide officials said at the student fees and tuition committee on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 that no new fees would be needed to maintain the bus system for the 2013-2014 school year

Dan Mackenzie

Officials from CyRide told the student fees and tuition committee Wednesday afternoon that no new fees would be needed to maintain the bus system for the 2013-14 school year.

However, they are concerned that demands for the bus will be higher than expected come this fall due to increased enrollment levels.

The way the bus runs now may not cover increased demand at The Grove apartment complex and a few other parts of the campus area. Officials from CyRide expect around 25 extra hours of service per day will be needed. That equates to about three extra buses and eight more drivers per day. The only way to know for certain where the need will be the greatest will be to wait until classes start.

That extra 25 hours of coverage will cost around $238,000. That money will come from the Government of the Student Body trust fund. GSB representatives said this would be a one-time payment to cover CyRide and that planning for next year should include increases in funding from the university and the city.

That increase would not result in increased student fees.

The difference between what was budgeted and what is needed comes because this budget was made last fall, and the exact enrollment numbers were not certain. Now that the university has a hard number for how many people will be attending classes this fall, there is concern for the extra hours of coverage.