Valentine’s Day Mad Lib

Lindsey Schwarck

Create a unique personal ad submission by filling out this mad lib by yourself or with a friend!

I enjoy long, (adjective) walks on the beach, getting (past-tense verb) in the rain and unexpected encounters with (plural noun). I really like (favorite drink) mixed with (liquid), and romantic (plural noun). I love to travel, especially to (place), when I am not busy working as a/an (occupation). When I’m not busy traveling, I like being outdoors, especially (present verb). I am looking for the whole package — (noun) and brains. My ideal date would have the physique of (celebrity), face of (politician) and the personality of (cartoon character). I would prefer if he/she knew how to cook, clean and wash my (plural noun).

P.S. I’m more (adjective) than my picture appears. Call me!