Make your own Valentine’s Day flower basket arrangement

Hanna Johansen

This basket is the perfect gift to give to loved ones this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Supplies needed:

Small or medium-sized basket

Floral foam

Greenery (example: Israeli Ruscus)

Various flowers (example: roses, carnations, daisies, etc.)

Filler flower (example: baby’s breath)



Step 1

Cut floral foam to size to fill basket. Soak with water.

Step 2

Begin placing greenery in the foam. Imagine making a triangle shape while extending greenery past the basket.

Step 3

While still envisioning a triangle shape, begin cutting flowers to size and placing them in foam. Cut stems at an angle to increase surface area.

Step 4

Begin filling in the “triangle” with other flowers. Leave flowers you want to emphasize slightly taller to draw attention.

Step 5

Add filler flowers to make the arrangement appear fuller.

Step 6

Add flowers and filler to the backside to increase the dimension of the arrangement.

Step 7

To make a bow, loop the ribbon, pinching at the middle.

Step 8

Continue adding loops until your bow reaches the desired thickness.

Step 9

Attach bow by simply tying it to a piece of ribbon placed around the handle of your basket.