Drinking games inspire workout games

Caitlyn Diimig

A good drinking game is always a fun way to pass time on the weekend, but that beer belly won’t be so fun come swimsuit season. Take inspiration from your favorite TV drinking games and turn them into a way to get in shape.

Bravo’s Real Housewives: 

Do 10 jumping jacks every time Kim from Atlanta wears a wig.

Do 20 boxing jabs every time NeNe from Atlanta starts a fight.

Do a 30-second yoga pose (try downward-dog, half-moon or tree pose) every time Kim from Beverly Hills shows up late or seems drunk.

Do 10 crunches every time they show Beverly Hills’ Lisa’s dog Giggy. Add an extra five crunches if Giggy has an outfit change.

Do a wall-sit sit for the duration Taylor of Beverly Hills has a meltdown.

Any of the Kardashian series:

Do five sit-ups every time a Kardashian says “like.”

Do five push-ups every time Kris Humphries acts egotistical.

Do 10 leg lifts (each leg) every time the camera pans to Kim’s booty.

Run in place for one minute every time Kourtney talks in a monotone voice.

Do a plank for the duration Bruce gives an inspirational speech.

Sporting events: Football (beginner to intermediate), Basketball (advanced)

Do mountain climbers for 30 seconds every time your team scores.

Do scissor kicks for 30 seconds every time your opponent scores.

Do a transverse plank for the duration a referee or official reviews a play.

Do 5 push-ups for every flag or foul committed.

Do high-knees for 30 seconds every time they show a coach upset.

Do butt-kicks for one minute every time a fan holds a sign spelling out the name of the network airing the game (ABC, ESPN).