Delta Zeta Triangle undergoes improvement

Taylor Diles

Last year, two ISU students, Matt Engler and Tor Finseth, proposed a plan to fix up the Delta Zeta Triangle to the Student Affairs Commission. The DZ Triangle has been the home of vandalism, couch burnings and has generally been considered an eyesore for many citizens of Ames.

With the help of the Student Society of Landscape Architects, Finseth and Engler were able to come up with three different designs to improve the area. After getting input from the students, the Ames Police Department and the Ames City Council, they were able to decide on a hybrid of the designs that minimized the total cost while maintaining the desired improvements.

According to a presentation at the Ames City Council meeting Tuesday night, through funding from the GSB, the greek community and a grant from the city, construction on the project began on April 30 and was completed soon after. It is now a hot spot for many groups; the park has been a host to multiple greek philanthropy events, as well as a campaign gathering for former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty.

Some additions still need to be made in the near future. Finseth hopes to be able to get the greek letters of fraternities and sororities engraved in the bricks in the center of the development, as well as getting a limestone plaque recognizing the work done by all parties involved. Also, more trees and flowers will be planted in the area.