GSB supports cameras in campustown

Charlie O'Brien

After a long discussion and numerous votes and amendments, a resolution to the Ames City Council, stating GSB supports the installation of security cameras in Campustown, was passed 22 to 11 at Wednesday night’s meeting.

“Many students which I interviewed in BWR (Birch, Welch, Roberts) gave full support towards this idea of cameras, they say that they do not feel safe at night in Campustown,” said senator Adam Guenther.

One of the plans for the cameras would be for them to be installed on the clock tower in Campustown, this would allow for a 360 degree view.

During the discussions many senators stated that people they interviewed about the idea of cameras had mixed feelings towards the idea. “Cameras do not create safety, they just create a false sense of safety, police officers create actual safety,” said Trevor Brown, the Campustown senator.