Women Impacting ISU

Katelynn Mccollough

In 2007 the very first Women Impacting ISU Calendar was released. Since that time, 60 women, being students, faculty or staff, have been honored for the difference they make on the Iowa State campus.

“Our goal is to recognize 12 women each year for their leadership on campus and to educate and inform the entire campus and community on the various ways female students, faculty and staff are making a positive difference in their lives,” said Dr. Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics.

The Chapman Catt Center is currently accepting nominations for the 12 women who will be chosen for the 2012 calendar. The nominating process begins with an online form that can be found on the Catt Center homepage. The nominator will also need to write a letter of support as well as one to two additional support letters from someone other than the nominator. All nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30.

“When you are nominating someone, don’t just give a job description. Tell us what they have done to go above and beyond their job; focus on what they’re doing on campus,” said Julie Snyder-Yuly, assistant director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center.

A committee, the size of which is based off the number of nominations received, selects the 12 women. According to Snyder-Yuly, the selection process will take around two weeks, and 1,500 copies of the calendar will be distributed during the month of January.

“I think it’s important to nominate students and recognize their service,” said Lora-Leigh Chrystal, a program coordinator for the Program for Women in Science and Engineering. Chrystal has nominated students for the calendar for several years, and she was selected as one of the 12 women honored on the 2011 calendar. “Being recognized by my peers and by my students was phenomenal … it was very special.”

While nominating, Chrystal says she tries “to look for students who are committed to something and make a change. They represented that change.” 

Chandra Peterson, senior in political science and philosophy, was also selected to appear on the calendar in 2011. “It was an amazing opportunity because there really are so many women on campus doing amazing things.” Peterson, who is prominent in GSB and the Campustown Action Association, hopes to see an increase in demand for copies of the calendar around campus. She also hopes that people continue to nominate.

“There are times when you’re laying on the floor wondering why you’re doing all of it. This [calendar] is encouragement to pick yourself up off the living room floor and keep going.”

Snyder-Yuly stated that a mix of female students, staff and faculty will be selected for the 2012 calendar. She would “love to see a lot of applicants.”

All nomination materials and other information pertaining to the Women Impacting ISU Calendars can be found on the Carrie Chapman Catt Center homepage on the ISU website. There, you can also view calendars from previous years.