Put some spring in your step, appearance


Photo: Whitney Sager/Iowa State Daily

As summer approaches, many salons offer tanning lotions and sprays to regain that summer glow.

It may not be where Katy Perry prepped for the Grammys, or where Kim Kardashian got her weekly pedicure, but local boutiques such as Studio7 Salon and Spa can be your retreat for star treatment. Offering services from head to toe, literally, the team at Studio7 and Electric Beach Tanning can make the long-awaited transition from winter to spring as easy as one-two-three.

Number One: Change up the hair. 

For a more feminine style, lighten it up a bit. “Lighter hair makes your whole mood go into spring mode,” said Krista Wrage, Studio7 owner and executive designer.

Match this with soft, wispy curls and a dramatic side part, and you’ve got a look perfect for anything from the beach to the bars. 

If you’re a bit more dramatic, switch the drab locks for some dimension.

“Red hair is very hot right now. So is outgrowth at the roots. It’s not as perfect, but severe and edgy,” Wrage said. 

As for guys, Wrage suggested losing the clean-cut college look means a side part or combing the hair back for a matte finish.

Number Two: Go for some color. 

Trade in those black nails for eye-popping fuchsia or metallic teal tips.

“Our bright summer colors are fun and perfect for a pedicure,” Wrage said.

But your cuticles are the only things allowed to be bright orange.

“Sunblock is key while going on any spring break trips or vacations,”  Wrage said.

For another safe approach, try a professional spray tan to provide weeklong color. With all the negative reports of tanning bed use, this method is on the rise, especially with the younger demographic. 

Number Three: Know your face. 

“Your skin changes with the season, which means your skin regimen needs to change too,” Wrage said.

“It’s good to do a consultation with our esthetician to find out how you should care for your face.”

By following these simple steps, you too can be ready for the red carpet, or sandy beach.

Beach and Summer Essentials

  • Sunscreen with a high SPF
  • Hair texturizer for beach-like waves
  • Hot oil body waxes — great for guys too

Graduation Looks

  • Loose, imperfect curls
  • Colorful makeup, such as vibrant purple eyeliner
  • Tinted moisturizer to withstand the long day