GSB discusses budget allocations

Whitney Sager

The fiscal year 2012 budgets for 10 student organizations were brought up for discussion at the Government of the Student Body meeting Wednesday night.

The funding request from the Rubik’s Cube Club received much debate from Senate members.

The group originally requested $791.88 to purchase more Rubik’s cubes so they could host and compete in national Rubik’s cube competitions. When the request went through the GSB Finance Committee, the committee decided to only fund $67.73 for the club since they were just formed this semester.

Several senators voiced concern about the club’s readiness to host national competitions since they are so new.

“I think it’s safe to say that before you even consider hosting a competition, you go to at least a couple regional competitions as a club so you know what it’s like,” said Sean Morrissey, off-campus senator and senior in environmental science.

Scott Henry, agriculture senator and senior in agricultural business, said the group could find other ways to purchase more Rubik’s cubes through such avenues as fundraising if GSB does not give them their full funding request.

Katherine Benton, GSB treasurer and junior in political science, said the group could come back to GSB and ask for more money in the future if they need to.

Arjay Vander Velden, Inter-Residence Hall Association senator and sophomore in computer engineering, argued that the club has already gone to several competitions and the wider the variety of Rubik’s cubes the club has, the higher the level of competitions they can compete in.

“Even if they were able to get some of these items, it would just increase the distance they can go for every item they get,” Vander Velden said.

Vander Velden made a motion to refer the funding request to the finance committee to reinstate everything the group requested except one 9x9x9, $78.99, and one 11x11x11, $139.99, cubes.

The motion failed by a vote of 4-26-2.

After further discussion from the Senate, Vander Velden made another motion to refer the funding request back to the Finance Committee to reinstate one 5x5x5, $15.30, and one 6x6x6, $28.99 cube to the group’s budget.

By a vote of 5-26-2, that motion failed as well.

The GSB then voted on the original funding amount of $67.73, as recommended by the finance committee.

Receiving a vote of 30-1-2, the Rubik’s Cube Club will receive $67.73 for fiscal year 2012.

The funding request by the Art of Living Club also generated much discussion from the Senate.

The club offers yoga and meditation sessions to help members alleviate stress.

The club originally requested $304 to be used for advertising of the club to make students more aware of it.

After consideration from the Finance Committee, the committee recommended $0 funding for the club. This means that the club may not come to the GSB in the next fiscal year to request funding.

Finance committee member Derek Grygiel, engineering senator and senior in chemical engineering, said the reasoning the committee voted to not fund the group was because of duplication of services. The recreation facilities on campus already offer yoga classes that teach participants how to have a sound mind and body.

Several senators voiced agreement with the finance committee’s decision.

Morrissey said he was concerned whether the funding would help increase membership. He said he would like to see the club require members to pay dues to help generate funds for advertisement.

“I would like to see more commitment from the group and get the group to be able to stand on their own feet a little bit and gain more interest,” Morrissey said.

Halley Stille, speaker of the senate and senior in French, made a motion to refer the funding request back to the Finance Committee with the instructions to fund the club at $0. This will give the club the opportunity to come to GSB to request funding if they need it in the next fiscal year.

By a vote of 7-25-0, the motion failed.

The recommendation by the finance committee to $0 fund the Art of Living Club was then voted on and passed by 20-6-6.

Other budget considerations were discussed for Team PrISUm, Ethos, Mexican-American Young Achievers Society, Cuffs, Descarga Latin Dance, Freshmen Council, ISU Robotics and the GSB.

Budget considerations for Team PrISUm, Ethos, Freshmen Council, ISU Robotics, and GSB were sent back to the Finance Committee for further discussion and will be considered for a second time at the March 30 GSB meeting.

The other 132 student organizations that went through the regular allocations process to set budgets for fiscal year 2012 will receive funding amounts as recommended by the Finance Committee.