GSB College of Agriculture and Life Sciences senator candidates

Rebecca Ahlers, freshman in agronomy and journalism and mass communication, is running for GSB College of Agriculture and Life Sciences senator.

Emily Banks

Name: Rebecca Ahlers

Major: freshman in agronomy and journalism and mass communication

Activities on campus: Freshman Council — executive board and historian, Education Committee liaison

Qualifications: Served on Freshman Council, has the attitude of “if something needs to be changed or improved, go do it.” She believes that “the line between the students and GSB needs to go away” so that students and senators are able to work together to solve problems.

Representing constituency: Going to club meetings, listening to what everyone has to say.

Past GSB involvement: Freshman Council

Handling Campustown plans: Working for what is best for the students. “The little things are the most important, like the restaurants you and your friends enjoy going to,” Ahlers said. Also keeping the alumni in mind.

Addressing student debt: She thinks debt is a “touchy situation. It’s complicated because it’s on a person-by-person basis, we ned to find other ways to get money besides lowering tuition, scholarships and grants,” Ahlers said. Ahlers is going to encourage students to go out and vote for our representatives to make sure the student voice is heard to help reduce budget cuts

Improving what the current senator is doing: Wants to be seen more around the college and try to get to know as many people as possible. “I want the students to know the senators aren’t scary, and we’re here to help,” Ahlers said.


Name: Nate Dobbels

Major: senior in agriculture and life sciences education

Activities on campus: Dance Marathon, Kaleidoquiz 45, attending “almost every sporting event and sitting in the front row”

Qualifications: Has represented the college before, is a student of the college so he “knows the needs of the students and of the college,” and is able to “bring forth things seen by being the [vice president] of GSB.”

Representing constituency: Attending “all of the council meetings, not just the required ones,” sending e-mails, using personal connections, use a wide range of resources “to be able to reach everyone.”

Past GSB involvement: Current vice president, served as IRHA and AGLS college senators, on the public relations committee and rules committee

Handling Campustown plans: He believes renovations will help non-drinkers and the understanding that Campustown “is not losing all of their bars,” Dobbels said. The changes will attract a “new crowd and be inviting for all people.”

Addressing student debt: Helping students to “understand finances”; encouraging them to not spend all of their extra money, even if they have low incomes; working with peer-to-peer financial; educating students through stories of others, whether they are good or bad.

Improving what the current senator is doing: Continue keeping up with their work, focusing on reaching as many students as possible, which is hopefully everyone.


Name: Andy Edson

Major: junior in agricultural business

Activities on campus: Fredericksen Court Community Council, Agriculture Business Club, NAMA

Qualifications: Freshman Council “helped see behind the scenes of GSB, and coming from a farm taught me hard work and that if you can’t put your whole self into something, don’t do it,” Edson said.

Representing constituency: Being actively involved with the college, “knowing what is going on by communicating.”

Past GSB involvement: Freshman Council co-chairman

Handling Campustown plans: Supporting the renovations as long as they are “effective and efficient,” also help to include the underage students

Addressing student debt: Helping students to be aware of avoiding debt and help with better ways to plan spending and finances

Improving what current senator is doing: Continue to do what the senators are doing now and “using them for resources if I ever have a question,” he said. Also using all resources available.