Letter: Hoben, Knight want your votes

Notice to the student body: All students are members of GSB and are encouraged to take part in discussion of bills and senate orders if they feel they can provide helpful information or if they have concerns about matters under discussion.

This statement is read at the beginning of every meeting of the GSB Senate. Too often, though, students aren’t represented by their student government because they have little to no interaction with GSB. The problem is that GSB doesn’t reach out to the student body — the problem is that too many students don’t know what GSB is, what it does or why it matters.

Our solution is to involve all students in student government. As candidates, we’ve had the pleasure of talking with student groups from all walks of campus life to discuss our ideas as well as to get new ones from students whose voices otherwise might not be heard. Many groups have been excited about our three C’s — Clubs, Classes and the Community — and the improvements we envision in each of those areas.

However, those improvements will have little impact if the ideas and implementation come from two individuals rather than the student body. From day one we’ve been talking about the importance of getting students involved, but unlike those who are long on talk and short on action, we’ve already had success engaging students in student government. Through our work as senators for the College of Agriculture and the residence halls, we’ve seen student knowledge and participation in GSB increase.

As president and vice president of the student body we’ll begin changing the culture of student government, putting students first and ensuring that everyone has a voice in the process. We understand that enhancing the student experience in cubs, classroom and the community starts with student involvement and input, a process we’ve embraced as senators.

Whether you’ve been involved in GSB for the entirety of your time at Iowa State or this is the first you’ve ever heard of the Government of the Student Body, having your voice heard starts with voting in this election. To ensure that your voice is heard throughout the year and not just on election day, go to vote.iastate.edu and vote Hoben-Knight.