Cyclone Cinema funding dropped

Whitney Sager

Funding for the Cyclone Cinema proposal was withdrawn at the GSB meeting Wednesday night.

When the proposal was first brought up last spring, $346,000 was set aside to fund Cyclone Cinema through two separate bills.

Anthony Maly, finance director and senior in political science, said the project could no longer go forward for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons was the amount of renovations that would need to be done to the building in order to meet safety regulations set by the university.

Maly said the original one-time costs were estimated to be $185,000, but were then increased to $250,000.

Increased rental costs were also associated with the inability for the project to move forward.

Maly said GSB spent approximately $5,000 on design fees and architectural plans during the course of planning out the project. That would leave only $341,000 to be returned to the original accounts.

Jared Knight, IRHA senator and sophomore in political science, supported the bill because of inability of the project to move forward.

“It’s not going to happen at this point, it seems like that’s pretty clear, so there’s really no reason to keep this money out there when it could be put to use for something else,” Knight said.

With a vote of 31-0-0, the bill was passed.

A second bill that was discussed heavily for more than one hour was the Featured Programs for Students.

This bill would allocate $200,000 of the $341,000 from the Cyclone Cinema project to a project that would bring big-name entertainment to Iowa State. Tickets to attend these big-name acts would be sold at a minimum rate for students.

“The intention of this money is to be seed money, so don’t think that you’re just getting this for a one-time use,” Maly said. “The plan is for this program to be sustainable.”

Many senators had concerns about the high amount of money that would be put toward this project and the uncertainty of whether or not it would be profitable. Others voiced concerns that their constituents did not know much about this proposed project.

Due to the uncertainty of the project, GSB voted to postpone voting on the bill until their next meeting.

Several other bills were voted on at the meeting:

  • Renovating the Delta Zeta Triangle — The Student Affairs Commission requested $10,000 in funding from GSB to pursue plans to renovate the Delta Zelta Triangle. The commission has been working with the city of Ames and the Student Society of Landscape Architects to come up with a design for the area. The proposed plan includes seating and a canvas area to host barbecue The commission requested $10,000 in funding from GSB to pursue the project. The bill was passed by a vote of 28-3-0.
  • Funding Broomball Club — The Broomball Club, a newly formed group on campus, requested $1,725 from GSB to purchase helmets, broomball sticks, broomballs, and supplies to construct broomball goals. With a vote of 30-1-0, the bill passed.
  • Funding helmets and bats for Cricket Club — The Cricket Club requested $1,550 in funding from the GSB to purchase cricket helmets and bats to be used to during practice and competitions. The equipment they currently have do not last long and the club will use the funding to purchase higher-quality equipment that will last longer. The bill was passed with a 30-1-0 vote.

Also on the agenda was the seating of a new College of Veterinary Medicine senator.

Kris Michalson, first-year veterinary medicine student, was seated to fill the vacant position. He said he feels this position is a great way for him to serve as the voice of veterinary medicine students.

“I’m very excited to be able to represent the vet school and it’s unique because I know at least a fourth of my constituents because I have class with many of them,” Michalson said.

Michalson was seated to fill the position by unanimous consent.

The next GSB meeting will be March 9 at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.