GSB Inter-Residence Hall Association senator candidates


Photo courtesy: Diane Fru

Diane Fru, freshman in psychology, is running for GSB Inter-Residence Hall Association senator.

Emily Banks

Name: Diane Fru

Major: freshman in psychology

Activities on campus: Pre-Medicine Club, African Student Association, CyVersity, research assistant

Qualifications: “I will bring a new perspective to the position and make sure that the voices of residence hall students are heard.”

Representing constituency: Attending hall council meetings, residence meetings, asking what students want from GSB.

Handling Campustown plans: “I believe the redevelopment will be beneficial,” Fru said. “It will provide new opportunities for new businesses, as well as a newer-looking environment for the students to enjoy.”

Addressing student debt: Supporting efforts that help students understand how to be financially independent — excessive borrowing and spending.

Improving what the current senator is doing: Speaking directly to the students and improving participation in GSB.

Name: Jake Swanson

Major: sophomore in public service and administration in agriculture

Activities on campus: Freshman Council president, International Agriculture Club, President’s Leadership Class

Qualifications: Lives in residence hall, Freshman Council, has a voice among the students

Representing constituency: Attending hall council meetings, get to know what students are thinking/want, create social media outlets to get students involved

Handling Campustown plans: Thinks the renovations will help the students that are under 21, “which are most of the students in the residence halls.”

Addressing student debt: “The rising tuition makes it hard for students to stay here,” Swanson said. “I think it’s something we need to tackle from the beginning.”

Improving what the current senator is doing: Keep in touch with the students, remove the “stigma” the senators have, make it easy to be available to talk to.