Heritage Project searches for GSB trends

Emily Banks

What clubs should students join to prepare them to become a member of the Government of the Student Body?

This is a question some incoming students have when they attend events like ClubFest and Destination Iowa State.

Senior Curvin Larson heard this and decided he wanted to find out if there was a “right path” to being in GSB.

Larson came up with the GSB Heritage Project. He thought it sounded “like a fun project and a cool idea to see if there are actual trends or stepping stones.”

Larson contacted all of the legislative and executive members of GSB to find out what they had been involved in outside of their positions in GSB.

He found there was “no pattern or common group among the members.”

“There are 136 groups represented by GSB members; 99 of those have only had one person in the group,” Larson said.

Previous articles done by ISU students have said GSB does a poor job representing the student body. Larson is hoping the GSB Heritage Project will prove this wrong.

“It was nice to see that there aren’t stepping stones or trends among the students,” Larson said. “The members of GSB are students just like everyone else; they are involved in things other than GSB.”

There are some common groups among the GSB members, which include Inter-Residence Hall Association, being involved in a residence house committee, Dance Marathon and VEISHEA.

Larson said those are groups that are shared by a large number of people in the university, and trends can be found for those among most students.

According to Larson’s survey, the average number of groups a GSB member is in is four. There are 71 student organizations, 36 college organizations and 42 university groups represented by GSB. Larson received responses from all but one of the members of the legislative and executive branches.

“Our representation is better than people think,” Larson said.