GSB Frederiksen Court senator candidates

Kumar Ayushman, freshman in industrial engineering, is running for GSB Frederiksen Court senator.

Photo courtesy: Kumar Ayushman

Kumar Ayushman, freshman in industrial engineering, is running for GSB Frederiksen Court senator.

Emily Banks

Name: Kumar Ayushman

Major: freshman in industrial engineering

Activities on campus: Engineers for a Sustainable World, Iowa Writers Guild, current IRHA senator.

Qualifications: “Gifted with leadership, I was my high school class president at the largest high school in the world [30,000 students].” Enjoys working to solve other peoples problems.

Representing constituency: Going to the CA meetings, e-mails, talking to people in Frederiksen Court, wants to create academic-only buildings.

Handling Campustown plans: Thinks that Campustown plans are an “excellent idea, they will certainly help other places and will keep everyone included.”

Addressing student debt: Wants to help students with completing their FAFSA so they are able to get the most money they can, finding opportunities for students to make money.

Improving what the current senator is doing: Being more involved with the CAs, working to listen to students’ wants/needs, hearing all of their problems.


Name: Arjay Vander Velden

Major: sophomore in computer engineering

Activities on campus: 10,000 Hours Show, Rubik’s Cube club, Society of Internation Engineers, Freshman Council

Qualifications: Knows how GSB operates, has already served on the senate

Representing constituency: Attend council meetings

Handling Campustown plans: “I think it is crucial to make sure that the students of ISU have a voice in what is happening. I plan to work with other members of the student body to make sure that the communication on this project is open,” he said.

Addressing student debt: “I plan to relay any information that is helpful to my constituents and try to further promote the financial literacy program we have in place,” Vander Velden said.

Improving what the current senator is doing: “Making sure that the Frederiksen Court students are up to date with current issues and making the ‘Freddy Court events’ known to students of residencies.”