GSB to vote on comedian venue, CyRide locator technology funding requests

Whitney Sager

The Government of the Student Body will vote Wednesday on a funding request for the VEISHEA comedian location and a request to support CyRide GPS technology.

At last week’s meeting, GSB members brought forth questions concerning the requests.

VEISHEA Inc. is asking for $4,790.25 to rent C.Y. Stephens to host comedian Donald Glover. Members questioned how funny the comedian really is and what the total cost of the program will be. VEISHEA Inc. members will be at the meeting to address those and other questions GSB members may have.

Questions were also raised regarding the Supporting CyRide GPS Technology resolution at last week’s meeting. GSB members asked if a list of all the equipment needed for the project will be provided and whether an explanation of how the location technology works will be given. CyRide representatives will be in attendance at the meeting to address those questions.

CyRide representatives will also serve as guest speakers at the meeting.

Other funding requests to be considered include ones from ISU Raas, a multicultural dance group; Slow Food – ISU, a sustainable food organization; and the Lacrosse Club.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.