GSB seats engineering senator, considers comedian funding request

Whitney Sager

Two funding requests and the seating of an engineering senator topped the agenda at the regular meeting of the Government of the Student Body Wednesday night.

VEISHEA Inc. requested $4,790.25 to rent the C.Y. Stephens building to host comedian Donald Glover during VEISHEA 2011.

GSB senators raised several questions regarding the bill, including if VEISHEA Inc. will fully illustrate the total cost of the program at the next meeting and exactly how funny the comedian really is. These questions will be answered at the next GSB meeting when representatives of VEISHEA Inc. will be in attendance.

Another funding request brought to question was the Supporting CyRide Vehicle Location Technology bill. GSB senators asked if an explanation of what the location technology will be provided and if a break down of all the equipment that is needed will be given. Representatives of the bill will be at the next meeting to answer those questions.

Both bills received unanimous consent by the GSB and will be voted on at next week’s meeting.

Alexandra Meyer, junior in chemical engineering, was elected to fill the engineering senator seat.

In a short speech before becoming an official seated GSB member, Meyer said she is “excited” and ready to serve as a voice for Iowa State students.

“When I heard about the senate seat, I was really excited, because I really believe I represent a lot of [ISU] students at an academic and personal level,” Meyer said.

“I can relate to the wants of the average [ISU] student and the average [ISU] student wants success, they want safety and they want organization,” she said. “Iowa State does a pretty good job at providing these things, but let’s take it up a notch and let me help you take it up a notch.”

Also on the agenda was a speech from GSB Vice President Nate Dobbels. He spoke about being a Cyclone Aide and serving as a leader for Destination Iowa State at the meeting.

Dobbels shared some of his experiences as being a Destination Iowa State team leader. He encouraged all GSB members to apply to be a team leader to welcome and introduce new students to Iowa State.

“Being a Destination Iowa State team leader really gives you a lot of friends,” Dobbels said. “It’s really exciting to meet new students. I’ve actually worked with a lot of them as a continuous mentor now and it’s been exciting to see them around campus and help them.”

Destination Iowa State takes place the Thursday to Saturday before the beginning of fall semester. Students accepted as new team leaders must attend training the following spring to prepare to for their leadership position. Returning team leaders will only have to attend the training held the Wednesday before Destination Iowa State.

Team leaders who complete all of their duties will receive $250 for their service.

“I’ve actually never done it for it money,” Dobbels said. “I didn’t actually know we got the money the first year until they gave me the money.”

Applications to become a Destination Iowa State team leader are due by midnight Feb. 4. The applications can be found on the ISU website under Destination Iowa State.

The next regular meeting of the GSB will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 2 in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.