Opinion section inspires

Edward Leonard

When I was in middle school, I fell in love with the humor columns of a writer named Dave Barry. Every week, I couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper where his column would be published.

Since then, I have developed a great appreciation for opinion writing. It’s a very personal style in which the writer really shares his or her thoughts and feelings with the reader. It makes me feel much more connected to the news.

Whether it’s Dave Barry, Stephen Colbert or Sean Hannity, all of the best opinion writers compare the world’s news with their own thoughts, feelings and values. They take the news and they make it personal. Whether I agree with them, laugh at their clowning, or get angry at some point I disagree with, they always get me thinking.

When I was given the job of opinion editor for fall semester, I immediately experienced a wave of excitement. This job is perfect for me, combining the two things I love: dealing with people and having opinions.

This was then coupled with a paralyzing fear, mostly stemming from the fact I am an engineering major with no journalism experience whatsoever.

However, I am confident — even optimistic — about the direction the opinion desk will take this semester. I am, as I said before, excited about the job, and have no shortage of experienced teammates to help me learn the tricks of the trade. And, as the old saying goes, new faces bring new ideas. Even though I don’t have all of the experience of a journalism major, I have a new perspective that will help the opinion desk connect with non-journalists at Iowa State.

Our goal this year is to get people talking, whether that’s about the bailout, the GSB budget or the trials and tribulations of being sexiled.

We at the Iowa State Daily do our best to not only get you the news, but also to provide a sense of perspective about it. Through opinion columns and editorials we try to provide some of the many possible viewpoints on any given issue to encourage you to think about it and make your own conclusions.

Whether you agree with us or not, we will always strive to give perspective on as many issues as we can fit on our page. You may love our ideas, or you may totally disagree.

Feel free, though, to tell us just how much you disagree. Who knows? If your hatred is coherent enough, your strongly worded letters to the staff or myself could be published. We want you to write us. If you have thoughts on an issue, tell us, and tell us why. Nothing illustrates the voice of Iowa State like the voice of Iowa State.

In short, I want to speak to you, the readers — and so do the staff. Whether you are amused or angry, you are thinking, and if you’re thinking, we have succeeded.