EDITORIAL: Don’t get upset, get involved

Editorial Board

Another year at the Daily draws to a close. At this time, the Editorial Board and the staff as a whole want to take some time to reflect on the year’s events.

We’ve seen the athletic department flourish, fail and flourish all over again. We’ve seen budget cuts, GSB elections gone wrong and surcharges levied and revoked. Another Homecoming and Veishea have come and passed. We’ve seen our fair share of tragedies as well.

It’s been a heckuva year here at Iowa State and we’re proud to say we did our best to bring it all to you.

But, we know many readers disagreed with the views, choices and decisions made by the Daily staff at some point; the sheer number of letters calling for the us to do this or that differently is proof enough.

With that said, the Daily isn’t set in stone. Like any college organization, the leadership, staff and atmosphere change every year. Rather than writing angry letters about our choices, we encourage you to apply for a position and get involved in that decision-making process. We won’t bite. We promise.