EDITORIAL: Try out to save ISU basketball, or we’ll have to

Editorial Board

If you haven’t heard, another former ISU basketball player — freshman point guard Chris Colvin — announced he would be leaving the program and transferring to another school.

That brings the total transfers this year to three. And, with the departure of Craig Brackins to the NBA and Marquis Gilstrap’s eligibility not being extended — a subject for an entirely different discussion — the roster is being cut down by five people going forward

All the departures leave the active roster for Greg McDermott’s Cyclones next season with eight names.

Yeah, eight.

While we are glad to have the players that have decided to stick around, that’s a pretty sparse bench for McDermott to turn to.

Yes, you only need five on the floor at one time, but trying to play and win in the Big 12 with just three guys coming off of the bench likely wouldn’t go well.

Now, this doesn’t include the three incoming freshmen for next season, but still.

All of this got us thinking: What better time to try out for the basketball team?

If you have ever considered walking on to the team — and let’s be honest, who hasn’t? — you’re never going to have a better chance to make the team.

You will never again have to wonder if you can, in fact, make more open shots than a certain German guard who shall not be named.

See that open pass from your seat at Hilton but can’t do anything about it? Now’s your chance.

Want to get right in the ref’s ear about a call you think he got wrong? Do it; get a technical for it. Be a part of the action.

Now instead of simply yelling from Cyclone Alley, you can yell from the bench or maybe even get on the floor with a chance to make a play.

How hard can it be, right?

You run, jump around and throw a round ball at an orange hoop. A couple hundred people do that at Lied every day.

Oh, and if you don’t try out, we’ll have to — and let’s just say that would be really, really bad.

Really. We’re not good. There’s a reason we’re writing about basketball and not out playing it.

You know what they say. “Those who can’t play, coach.” Well, we can’t do either.

Watching us play is like watching a bunch of fourth graders that just picked up a ball for the first time.

In fact, we’re not sure we could beat said team of fourth graders. They’re quick and elusive.

We couldn’t beat your 10-year-old sister’s teams. Nothing against your 10-year-old sister or anything, but come on, she’s 10.

At this point we can all agree that having us, the Editorial Board, try out for any athletic venture would probably be a bad idea, let alone for our Division I men’s basketball program. Coach McDermott would probably laugh us out of the gym.

We know most of you grew up with the dream of playing in the NBA. We all wanted to be like Mike.

So, please, do your duty, save us and the program the embarrassment and chase your dreams.

Get out there — dazzle them with your basketball prowess and your sweet crossover dribbles and awesome jump shot, because if you don’t, we’ll have to.

Nobody wants that.

Do what’s right.

It’s your patriotic duty.