EDITORIAL: Thanks, Apple, for providing us with shiny toys

Editorial Board

Apple is amazing.

The iPad is shiny, and still generating buzz. A lot of talk on campus centers around “going to the bookstore to play with the iPads.” They’re pretty neat, even if they have some shortcomings. The recent release had us thinking back to the old days, when they made iMacs in a rainbow of colors, iBooks in black and white, iPod shuffles looked like sticks of chewing gum, and the iPod had buttons around the scroll wheel.

Despite your personal feelings on the corporation’s practices — Steve Jobs could be out to rule the world — it’s hard to argue their PR isn’t top notch, because every time they come out with something new, they’re generally aiming to revolutionize the industry… again.

It’s hard not to believe that Apple doesn’t have a stash of shiny, new toys that they’re just waiting to unleash onto an unsuspecting consumer-driven world, one wonderful and fantastic unveiling at a time.

They’ve made their fair share of mistakes, like the release of the iPod Video only weeks after the iPod Photo came out, but Apple provides an example of true capitalism at work.

They innovate, they invent, and they profit. They have developed a brand that customers are willing to pay a premium for. Many aspects of the company, particularly their secretive and revolutionary product development tactics, make for interesting business case studies.

Speaking of which — what’s the deal with the recently “lost” iPhone? It will be intreresting to see exactly how Apple software engineer Gray Powell will be punished for losing it. Apple’s security, often deemed “inpenetrable” is often unkind to leaks made by employees. We wish Powell the best as this situation plays out.

Come to think of it, Apple kind of owns our souls and, at times, lives for us.

Apple was, is, and will continue to be an interesting company to watch evolve into the coming years. A company once on the verge of complete bankruptcy innovated its way back from the brink.

How long will Steve Jobs remain CEO? How long until an Apple product really is a stinker? After all, the iPad fell flat on many features deemed necessary by tech gurus. Only time will tell what the next generation of iPads will look like.

Make no mistake, however, students will probably still play with them in the bookstore.

Many have entrusted this company with their money, music, personal information, and more importantly our trust.

Thankfully, we’re fairly certain that, as long as it remains profitable, the only hurt they cause us will be felt in our wallets.

So, Apple, keep making shiny, new stuff that we can play with in the bookstore. Keep making stuff we want, and please, don’t kill Gray Powell in the process.