LETTERS: Stop apologizing for mistakes

Jared Knight

As an informed student, I read the Daily, daily. After perusing the front page for the “top stories,” I flip to the editorials and opinion section to get acquainted with the thoughts and opinions of other students.

After reading through Wednesday’s editorial, “GSB takes next step to pass bill for theater,” I must say that I am once again disappointed with the editorial section and, by extension, the editors. 

In case you didn’t read it, it went over the details of the theater and urged the GSB to postpone voting for another week, apologizing for not keeping the students informed about the matter.

As editors of the paper, their job is to put content into the paper to keep students informed, and the common trend I’ve seen in the Daily’s editorials is that of apology.

It seems, though, that they aren’t listening to their own words [or they are forgiving themselves far too quickly] because in the same issue the editor apologizes for “not once in the past four months” placing the Varsity Theater issue prominently on the front page, but instead placing it in a small side-story below the fold. 

The editors of the Daily should be leaders on campus. It is their responsibility, after all, of keeping the student body informed.

Editors: Stop apologizing for your mistakes. Either fix them or step down from your position and let someone else do the job the right way.

Jared Knight is a sophomore in political science and speech communication at Iowa State University.